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Hospital Administrators


First Crush Automatically turns pills into powder!!

First Crush™ Automated Pill Crusher—automated technology that helps patients swallow and clinicians administer medication accurately and painlessly.

First Crush™ creates powder, not problems!
Existing crushers require users to be captive to the crushing process. First Crush™ replaces this effort and frees the nurse to focus on patient care. Even after twice the time and effort, other crushers don’t match First Crush™ performance from a simple push of a button.

Better utilize nurse medpass time
Hands-free operation—Reduce potential nurse injuries from manual devices
More accurate dosing—more meds to the patient
Minimize tube clogging Eliminate patients “spitting” out chunks
Enhance compliance to medpass time regulations
Vehicle to address “culture change” mandated by federal standards
Standardize medication delivery—irrespective of whom is crushing

Problems with crushers today

A survey of Nursing Directors reveals:

  • 96% report poor crushing performance
  • 88% said the process is too long or involves too many steps
  • 82% complained of physical strain

Over two-thirds raised concerns of inaccurate dosing.

Much like the evolution to the digital thermometer, today's technology can provide:

  • Quicker results
  • More accurate results
  • With improved nurse/patient interaction

Create powder, not problems with the First Crush.